There are multiple endings within the game. A lot of which are bad endings:

  • BAD END 00: Everlasting Dream - Where Yonaka decides to find another way other than entering the main door to Mogeko Castle and ends up getting raped off-screen by Mogekos.
  • BAD END 01: Assimilation - As you (Yonaka) enters the first room that's filled with Mad Mogekos (because I'm certain that there isn't only one room that has Mad Mogekos in it), there's a choice of unleashing a Mad Mogeko's madness. Yonaka will achieve this ending if you do so. In this ending, Yonaka becomes one with Mogeko Castle's darkness.
  • BAD END 02: Insects - An ending where Yonaka enters the room full of Mogeko larvae at Floor 2, and she ends up getting swarmed all over by larvae.
  • BAD END 03 : Meat Party - This ending only happens if Yonaka pushes the button that will clearly release the Mad Mogekos in the cage which is within the room she is in.
  • BAD END 04: Toy - If Yonaka along with Defect Mogeko/Nega-Mogeko backtracks right after you meet Hasu in Moge-ko's basment, then you'll get this ending. Both characters will end up being tortured by Moge-ko, and Defect Mogeko sadly ends up dying first. Later on, Yonaka becomes Moge-ko's special "toy." ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • BAD END 05: Parasite - Where Yonaka touches the Blancfluff Parasite in one of the rooms in Floor 5, and becomes infected by it and becomes a mofuku-human thing??? i don't really know.
  • BAD END? 06: Elopement (Prosciutto Love Affair) - Where Yonaka x Defect Mogeko fanfics became a real thing A.K.A. the ending where Yonaka chooses to elope with Defect Mogeko.
  • BAD END 07: Ficticious truth - You get this ending if you get caught by Shinya during the scenario when Yonaka is being chased by him.

The NORMAL END is where Yonaka kills at least one of the seven special Mogekos, proceeds to the Path of Paradise, and she ends up killing Shinya. Yonaka is then, lead back to Mogeko Castle. She snaps, and kills King mogeko, skins him and wears his scalp or a part of his head. After all of this, it is then said that Yonaka becomes Lord Prosciutto, and now becamethe ruler of Yonaka Castle.

The TRUE END/HAPPY END can only be achieved if you don't kill ANY of the special mogekos, or continue right after the normal ending, and choose the Path of Falsehood. Yonaka kills Shinya, but with a twist, his "big brother" came back to her in a sense. And Yonaka becomes satisfied with this.

It is implied that Yonaka is in a dream, or a deep sleep in the epilogue of the true/happy ending, since theoretically King mogeko was the one telling the "story" but somehow he managed to make Yonaka like this.

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