Defect Mogeko
Some attributes
Height Likely around 60cm
Status Player determined

 Defect Mogeko is a main character in Mogeko Castle. The one and only Mogeko who helped a human, which is Yonaka Kurai to get out of the castle, until he sacrificed his life in the 6th floor. Actually Defect Mogeko is the 7th and last floor's Special Mogeko. His real name is actually "Nega-Mogeko". He is said to be King mogeko's twin. In the trailer of Mogeko Castle Gaiden: General Hashasky's Great Adventure, he is seen seemingly resurrected, with a halo, a sword and metal claws and battle scars..?


This Mogeko has a light green skin, an "X" shaped scar on the middle of his body and on his face, and his left ear is ripped off. Before he was injured, however, he looked like a normal Mogeko with light green skin.


He thinks differently than usual Mogekos, and thus is a defector. He disagrees with the King mogeko on many ideas, and therefore was imprisoned by King mogeko. At first, he only helped Yonaka because he was bored, but he started to gradually care for the girl later in the game, and even sacrificed his life in order for Yonaka to escape.

Gameplay Edit

Sadly, you cannot play as Nega/Defect Mogeko


  • Defect Mogeko has always been helping Yonaka to escape the castle.
  • He has incredibly fast reflexes, as seen slicing through a whole horde of normal Mogekos despite heavy injuries.
  • He sacrificed his life for Yonaka, and has also been assigned an execution date by King mogeko to be killed as defector. He was finally burned at the stake by King mogeko.
  • He is one of the "Seven Special Mogekos".
  • Bad End? VI features Yonaka and Defect Mogeko running away from the castle and many years later, getting married.