Upcoming sequel to Mogeko's Castle


This will be one of Mogeko's upcoming games, and serve as a sequel to Mogeko Castle. A preview for the game is shown in the bonus room of Mogeko Castle at the end of the game.

Unlike the prequel, Mogeko Castle, this is rated by Mogeko themselves as for being for age 18+. Be warned, the game is a violent gag game and contains violence and other morbid things.

Plot Edit

Based on the preview, the game seems to be about Moge-kov going to save Mogekov Hashasky after he has been captured by the Moge-ko of Mogeko Castle. In the Mogeko Castle game, General Hashasky can be seen at certain points during the play-through.

The games' setting seems to take place after Mogeko Castle's Normal End, as Yonaka is seen as Lord Prosciutto.

Trivia Edit

  • The game is of the genre, "frozen yogurt adventure".