Mogeko castle text
"Where there is Mogeko, there is nightmare."

Wiki for the RPG Maker "prosciutto" adventure game Mogeko Castle, made by Mogeko.

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**WARNING: Wiki contains spoilers for the game, traverse with caution!!**

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Mogeko Castle, despite being made in RPG Maker, is in fact not an RPG, as it lacks any battles/leveling up and has a completely linear story. It follows the happenings of a high schooler named Yonaka after she falls asleep on her train ride home and finds herself in a large castle inhabited by perverse cat-like creatures called Mogekos. Her goal, and the player's, is to reach the top floor of the castle, avoiding Mogekos and all sorts of madness.

As Mogeko's first game, it was made before The Gray Garden and Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea.

The game's release was on the date of April 1st, 2012.

An English translated version of the game has been made by vgperson and can be downloaded here

The game features lots of triggering content including violence, gore, sexual assault and implied rape. It is advised to anyone under 15 to not play this game (However in non-Japanese terms, this game isn't suitable for anyone under 18).

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