Shinya Kurai
Shinya Kurai
Some attributes
Height 171 cm
Status Deceased

Shinya Kurai is Yonaka's brother who goes missing for no apparent reason in her flashbacks. In the beginning of story Yonaka finds out her brother is coming back and she quickly tries to get back home only to enter Mogeko Castle as she tries to get to the 7th floor to escape the world.

Appearance Edit

Shinya is shown to have black hair, his bangs covering his left eye. An ahoge can also be seen atop his head. He has fair skin and wears a common attire for high school males: a black uniform with gold buttons, and also black pants and shoes. He and his younger sister resemble each other a lot. His eyes are shown to be red the first time you meet him, perhaps a symbol of his insanity. However, when the player gets the True End, it is revealed that his eyes were originally gray.

Trivia Edit

  • During Yonaka's adventure inside the castle, Shinya was at home slaughtering their parents. The meat and blood seen at their living room are their Mother and Father which can be seen at the end of the game.
  • If you get caught while being chased by him, Shinya kills Yonaka and you end up getting Bad End 7.
Shinya Kurai